War with the other Gender or Self?


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War with the other Gender or Self?

Hatredness or being casual about the other gender starts with one love failure – reason might be a rejection or anything. None want to look inside and figure out the mistakes from both ends. Rejection makes the rejected perfect and eligible for sympathy and revenge against the whole of other gender.

Was that someone so important that you consider yourself so unimportant and ruin the essence of true you, good you whom you, your parents, your friends have been proud about. No relations break due to one person. There are ‘n’ numbers of reasons for relations to break. Wasting our time on so many unsuccessful relations, flings or one night stands.

Should we get down to those levels of despising ourselves and our time? Can’t we make ourselves more knowledge or wiser by investing our time in these activities. People waste a min of 30 hours in impressing and convincing someone for a one night stand. Is that 2 hours more important than those 30 hours which could have been productive enough for self growth?

Fun is an inevitable and essential part of life. But is such fun worth it where advancing in our life we hardly would remember the whole episode of these 32 hours. Definitely by these moments wouldn’t be cherished like how we would cherish an excursion with our friend or a class we took with a friend and all the fun in the class. Your choice of person just because he just pretends he loves you, cares about you or you are his need to show off about you or make u spend money on yourself.

We have stopped liking people as a whole personality and liking has reduced to an ego, expression or style. I like her smile, i like his tattoo, I like her dressing sense, I like his bike or everyone is eying on her and I could get her – Are these reasons to fall in love with someone.

That’s the reason relations fade away as someone else has a better tattoo, does better research on how to handle the other gender, dresses better etc. If you like Deepika padukone just because everyone dreams of her, not that she will suit your requirement of a life partner. If someone is rich, intelligent and beautiful not that she will be the perfect fit. We need to know our upbringing, what we have liked in our mother or our culture which we want to find in our wife.

Knowing self is the first thing to know what we look for in our life partner. Why don’t we understand what we like? Definitely she/he should compensate and compliment for what we don’t have or have but at the same time whether we have the acceptance and admiration to accept the superiority or inferiority of the other person as a self decision and respect our own decision throughout our lives.

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