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Motivational quotes – leaders – # team member #kids

I have heard many leaders saying “I know it is difficult but we have to do it”. Leadership isn’t about presenting the task to your team member by making it seem tougher before even he takes up the challenge. Leadership is about presenting the toughest challenge to the team member as the easiest task. Our parents never motivated us saying “Oh! you need to read seven subjects for your exam, we know it is tough but you should do it.” They always said “we did more than what you are doing or the other children manage to score well in the entire subject’s addition to doing well in extracurricular activities. You aren’t the only one doing something different or great.” That was the reason we studied different subjects which required different logic or approaches as if it was very common and natural

We were projected with no option than working hard towards the exams to score high. This way the assignments always seemed normal and achievable. And we try to repeat the same history with our kids.

What do we want to prove by making such statements that as a leader I’m less capable so setting a moderate bench mark or I’m a good leader, so being sympathetic and empathetic about what my team member’s doing. Why this indifference of approach towards our kid and our team member? Don’t we carry any ethical responsibility about people, who look up at us, trust us and who want to learn from us?

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