Rape-Disease Outbreak

3 thoughts on “Rape-Disease Outbreak

  1. Well said. But I don’t think this could be a solution. We need mass movement on this to eradicate this disease. I request you to kindly think of other means through which we may get a solution.

  2. “We cannot change the thought process of whole population” that’s true and this is also true that “Precaution is better than cure” so I believe this can be solved by teaching self defence n educating Younger generation in each n every schools n college no matter gender every student has to be enrolled it should b made mandatory like any other subjects. This for our future men n women for present adult female population they have to be cautious at least by following 4A’s rule Attitude, Awareness, Avoidance, Action(Self defence). Self defence s like a hand kerchief in ur pocket take that out only when its necessary. Thats my little thought.

  3. Well said!!! Hats off to your courage to bring such a sensitive issue in a most sensitive way else now a days everyone is politicising the rape issue. And I feel Indian law makers should see how Saudi Arabia, UAE or Singapore Govt punishes for such a heinous crime.

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