Facebook/Instagram or Dating site?

There are these people on social media who start their intro with compliments for you and then start over caring about you. Oh, how fake it sounds! I wonder how can so many of them be so over-friendly with you. Have they ever complimented their dear ones so many times, the dedicated ones of their lives? And addition to that the over caring part.

Their loved ones slog their lives out to keep them happy. Do they even bother to care for their efforts and reciprocate at least once a while? These people again don’t carry the guts to appreciate you or compliment you in a decent language on the comments openly but secretly on messenger or any other chat box. They are the ones to be more cautious about. They feel anyone who tries to even acknowledges a Hi with Hi- is available and accessible. Why has the thought process got so cheaper? As far as I believe social media can connect you to people who can exchange thoughts about better work, process, life and approach to things; motivate you, explore more about challenges faced – facing, building network for professional or personal wider insight to life or things. Have all the social media sites turned out to be dating sites?

Everyone has standard dialogues to say as if it is downloaded and copied from somewhere. Not only dialogues, even thought process. Its alarming to see that people have become their own enemies failing to build a sensible, friendly, cleaner and intellectual society with basic values and ethics.

– Sucheta Gour

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