Definition of a Successful Woman

Definition of success has different meanings to different women.

For someone, success is being in a senior position of a reputed company,

For some, running a successful company being an Entrepreneur is success,

For some, taking care of home, family-giving rise to educated, cultured, responsible, children, supporting husband as a house-wife, sharing his dreams is success.

For few, supporting their husband alongside as a working woman is success.

All these women are most successful in their lives provided they don’t envy others, despise upon self or try to compete to be in some other role which will create imbalance in the life. There are no limitations to dream to be in someone else’s role.

Only few questions to be answered are:

  1. Can we cope-up with such a life?
  2. Does it make us happy and contented from within?
  3. Is there something to regret about?
  4. Are we willing to do the sacrifices and compromises they have made?
  5. If we aren’t contented with our choices, role and place is when success becomes meaningless. Else, all the women are Super Women.

-Sucheta Gour

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