Safety Standards of Life !!!

Hey Youngster’s! Give it a thought…

We all got to think of three things when we are tempted to do something. Is it our wish or is it our need or is it important for us?

We want to go to pub with Friends-Drink, Smoke ( make life more stressful by taking off momentary stress or do all these for swag and finally end up in the later phase of life with BP, Thyroid, Diabetes, PCOD, Infertility etc…, ), come late nights in unsafe places( Life isn’t safe inside known circles, in such a situation should we be offering ourselves as prey to the hunters at their door step?).

We want to make new friends without a validation check (so that you become someone’s pass-time and dump you back using you, your money and time). We get carried away with people impressed by their style or swag (Is it going to fetch us anything?).


If any of these above and much more are not our need, wish or are important. Then why go for it?

One answer can be wish. But should we wish our ruins? Another answer can be need to belong to peers. Can’t we set a better trend by making others envy with our right ways?

One more justification is how can we be so overcautious with everything and make life a boredom. Definitely agreed. But is boredom more difficult to deal with than death or being robbed or raped or suffering from illness? And definitely life should be enjoyed with the most trustworthy people of your life and within the safety standards for life.

-Sucheta Gour

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