Life Quotes – Purpose of Life

We are born and try every effort to make our life better-study, work, marry, care for our parents, our children, spouse-enjoy, travel, have fun- all to make ourselves happy. We SLOG to make a happy living. But if we look back, it’s always us, my life, my children, my spouse, my happiness.


Ofcourse, we are the most important people of our life. We ought to be also. But do we ever look outside this sphere even once in our life. There is so much to do without spending lots of time or money on anyone. Because these are the most valuable things of our life today, which isn’t enough to spend on ourselves or our dear ones. Is this also the whole truth?/p>

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, it seems like we are carrying the biggest burden on the earth-Our lives. Why can’t we learn to let go certain things?

When we pass by people, can’t we pass on a smile and some cheerfulness to people we come across? Can’t we genuinely feel happy for someone’s happiness, success and express them in words or action? Can’t we stop bargaining hard with the roadside vendors adding some more income for them to cater to their daily needs comfortably? Can’t we share our leftover meal at hotels with a roadside beggar?


We pay 1000s on every weekend dinner. Can’t we buy a book for our domestic help’s children? Share the grief of a co-passenger or a colleague than digging ourselves in the cellphone? Why can’t we give genuine advises to people than being selfish? Why can’t we go an extra mile to train a junior? Why can’t we make the purpose of our life a little more beautiful and satisfying?

– Sucheta Gour

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  1. There are many peoples who do such charity. In hindi there is saying.अगर दान करना है तो ऐसे करो कि दूसरे हाथ को भी खबर ना पड़े।

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