Virtual Life VS Real Life

Virtual Life

Most of us are living two lives today – one is Real and the other is Virtual.

Everyone isn’t married and doesn’t have girlfriends, or serious relationship or if married, then not happy with their spouse in the virtual world. The genuinity of strained relations is again questionable.

Everyone is searching for someone genuine is the impression created. On a serious note, is this a place to even search for genuine partners? Where, every person is randomly speaking to a minimum of 20 people at any given point of time. Everyone has been ditched and not once but many a times by many. Does it make sense? You get ditched, and you still continue to making wrong choice of partner.

Everyone has unjustifiable, unreasonable, emotions, feelings towards each other which seem absolutely right to them. Everyone speaks to each other as if they know them for ages. Everyone is a Baby, Babu, Darling, Sweetie, Dear, Shona, Sweetheart. Interactions are most illogical. Only a good face matters, Your DP.

No filters are applied to speaking. Most ugly awkward talks are spoken with unknown people. Everyone can write loads of English with sophistication and can’t speak three English sentences in a flow with confidence.

Everyone is attention seeker and sympathy gatherer. Everyone spends at least 5 hrs. on social media each day interacting with unknown or less familiar people with nonsense content. What is the outcome of such interaction? Momentary pleasure? Satisfying false ego? Gaining unwanted sympathy, empathy and attention? Had the interaction been to empower someone, it would have made great sense but all in vain.

You don’t have time for your Husband, Wife, Parents Children. You get irritated with their one extra statement. But the response time for any Virtual Friend’s message is two minutes and that too with a ‘Sorry for the Delay’. And min time spent on chat with such people is at least 20 mins each day. Hats off to people’s virtual sincerity.

Real Life

Everyone has friends from School, College, and Work. People are married, have Children, have Sisters, brothers are possessive, protective about their Families. Everyone feels their Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter do not belong to the virtual crowd. Even if they do, they are friends and know their limitations well. They do have girlfriends whom they hang out with. Enjoy get togethers. They are sincere about their relation. They are innocent, responsible, matured. There are these happiest marriages and happier ideal Families. Everyone is trying guarding their Sisters, Wives, Daughters against the duplicates of their hidden personalities.


Where do we belong? What is our true personality?


We are getting into identity crisis. Soon we will have specialized set of Psychiatrists to treat ‘Social media Psychological Disorders’. And Social media Psychiatry will be the most glorified career.

-Sucheta Gour

2 thoughts on “Virtual Life VS Real Life

  1. I like “word Social media Psychological Disorders”
    In order to avoid this, more interaction with family is needed, outing with rider that no one will use phone, mail etc.

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