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There are internal as well as external problems, due to which companies don’t grow today.

There are people who are having their one leg always outside the company, which is evident by the 8 – 12% of attrition that is caused

There are people, who can’t deal with their personal frustrations and work gets affected. They also want to give more importance to their personal lives, carrying the mask, that family is important.


There are people whose egos are bigger than company’s growth. ‘Give me importance to work inspite of being paid the salary for which my basic function is to work’. ‘My Company doesn’t value me’. The company has better challenges to deal with, than sitting back and glorifying someone every day.

There are people whose interpersonal communication is poor, causing arguments and disagreements between each other to affect the work. ‘Why should I?’

There are people who are more inclined to convincing the Seniors and Management, why it isn’t possible than making it possible.


Another set of people who are willing to work, but lead by poor leaders or Managers. Managers who feel, team members should be knowing their work and do their work to perfection. They aren’t small children to be guided. Or also feel that if I’m not hardworking they should still be hardworking, because, I’ve worked hard when I was in their roles.


People who fear taking the initiative or feel, if I do more work, I will be asked to do further more. Resorting to laziness, restricting their potential, and doing a little less than what is required and believing that they are doing too much.

People reluctant to change and passing negativity, with a feeling that nothing can change. Things will always remain same and nothing’s going to happen or advance.

Further, there are people who do not want to stand up and except that, I don’t know to do it, than saying it is impossible to be done or no one can do it.

People who are in leadership roles, and are forced to rely on the 90% of such people for execution.

So, company ideally runs on few of potential, integral, stable, positive, hardworking, aligned, focused people and commit to 100% deliverables. Companies end up with anywhere between 80 to 100% achievement in deliverables.

Just imagine if the ratio of focused people was other way round, productivity and deliverables would have been sky high with the positivity required.

In addition, there are external challenges from Clients, Competitors and Statutory norms.

– Sucheta Gour

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