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Hey Women! Carry feminism with Pride | Inspirational Article on Women Empowerment

Women are blamed of feminism.

To elaborate they always get aggressive if something is spoken against their gender and get defensive, finally leading to an argument or fight.

Every human being is proud of his race, nation, his caste, community, his family, his gender when it comes to a discussion with the opposite or neighboring set. Though they all know the flaws, negatives of their own race, caste, creed, community, family, gender which they will definitely be discussing against in their own circles.


So, why all this hue and cry about women being feminist. Everyone gets aggressive, defensive – argue, fight for their own set where they belong. That’s pride for belonging where you are.

It is nothing but human psychology, and not restricted to female psychology alone. So, Hey Women! Carry feminism with pride on your sleeve.

-Sucheta Gour


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