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When do you know he loves you?

Most of the women idealize their Dads and keeps them as their bench mark when they look for a life partner.

When he shows up the way he is and want you to know the real him.

When he has the courage to accept his wrong before you.

When he trusts you and confides in you.

When he feels free to be himself before you without the fear of your being judgmental about him.

When he is never done with you and keen on discovering something new about you every time.

When he comforts you with his arms even in the deepest of his sleep, he wants you closer to him.

When even an inch of distance becomes the longest distance for him.

When he fears losing you.

When he bothers to ensure every time about your food on time and your safety.

When he cares for all your essentials like the sweet nothings which any women would look forward for in her man.

When care for you is a way of life and not an act of deliberation.

When he plans your surprises keeping only your happiness on mind.

When he becomes restless seeing you in pain or grief.

When he can see the tears in your eyes even when you aren’t weeping.

When he notices you minutest way and can express it too with admiration.

When he remembers how you looked in which dress even when you don’t remember.

When he is possessive about you which shows in his ‘j’ factor.

When he can listen to loads of your nonsense without getting offended especially when you yourself are aware that it isn’t making sense to you.

When he tries to curb your bad habits without being offensive at all.

When he has the confidence to correct your wrong with his love.

When he is proud of your every small success and part of all the sacrifices towards it.

When he is your strength and never your weakness.

When he doesn’t look down upon your family members owing to the superiority complex or ego.

When he has the acceptance to your good and bad equally.

When he doesn’t portray a gesture of favor on you anytime.

When he dreams to share the best things of his life with you.

When he can respect you and love you unconditionally. When the sharing of any responsibility or activity in the relation is mutual and doesn’t burden you with the rules of the society and tradition.

When he walks by your side on the traffic being protective enough.

When he holds your hand without hesitation even amidst people.

When his touch portrays warmth and not lust or ego.

When he dreams of your happiness

When he is proud of having you.

When with age and time his love doesn’t fade away.

When his ego is not in the way when you correct him on a mistake.

When he can create moments for you throughout your life to strengthen the bond.


When do you know she doesn’t love you?

A woman can really be cold and insensitive at her approach if she doesn’t love someone.

When she is her priority and not you.

When she isn’t worried about what image she is creating about you amidst people.

When her actions do not convey care and concern.

When you are nothing more than a facilitator for her needs and life.

When she can be calculative about what is in for her in the relation.

When she manipulates things and situations for her good alone.

When she prefers to be only a part of your good times.

When she doesn’t change to make things happen for the relation.

When she doesn’t understand your pain.

When she is worried of her future alone.

When there isn’t a ‘WE’ feeling.

When she hardly trusts you and is more keen on building strategies against you and for her benefits.

When you are nothing more than an ATM card for her luxuries, happiness and needs.

When she can set up melodramas to handle your emotions to her benefit.

When cheating you is the way of her life.

When your emotions are never valued.

-Sucheta Gour

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