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Observing faces and trying to read them has been my hobby for quite some time now. All I figured out was, I saw 99.9% faces having serious thoughts on their mind.

Few read about feeling inferior looking at people around, few read about the burden of their personal problems few more read of their professional problems, few were tired of carrying their confidence with deliberate attempts and few carried the fear of life, few carried the thoughts and anxiety of their following day’s assignment, few carried the worries of their problems, few carried the grief of the past and few carried the uncertainty of future.

No one lived in that moment. Was it that difficult to live that moment with happiness contentment letting the past and future go? Definitely you get different ideas looking at different people or in different places.

But, is smile so harmful that it curbs productive thoughts or does it support? Sometimes I felt blessed are the people from hospitality industry whose job required is to carry a smile on their face. Smile eases the thought and relaxes your mind.

90% of the times I feel tempted to give a hug to all these people and say ‘Chill, Life and everything around isn’t this ugly’.

Life with all its challenges, the spice of struggle, the sweetness of happiness, the sourness of fun and the bitterness of sorrow is the most delicious meal God has gifted us. Smile and Happiness are pride to carry and the most beautiful jewel which beautifies us from within too.

-Sucheta Gour

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