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Why do we fear stating examples from our lives where we have failed on the home front?

We don’t want to share our family problems with others not to defame our family members. But isn’t it true that every family has a similar story to share. Every family have very much similar characters including us. What are we trying to hide?

Then why don’t we share our discoveries after going through the trials at different phases of life and finally having overcome them at some phase in life. Won’t this help the rest of them to have lesser trials or acceptance to the scenarios and people better?

Why are we hesitant? We share our frustrations with our near ones and they in turn share it as an instance.

Is it that we fear that people won’t respect our family members whom we are going to stay with for the rest of our lives? Why do we fail to convey in a matured way the limits of acceptability?

-Sucheta Gour


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