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People have been motivating me with a perfect picture in everything I do and I am motivated to reach there. I don’t want to carry a doubt about the perfect picture because need to chase everything worthy, to be successful. Our standards elevate with such dreams, hopes and motivations.




At times I am forced to think; due to all the unnecessary practical thoughts that, Is there a perfect picture? But when I achieve such perfections (from the past instance), its more satisfying than the doubt itself.



I’m thankful to all the people around who pushed me to chase the perfect picture. Always felt it was worth trying, though at times I’m sure that the initiation point – the person responsible for motivation also couldn’t reach it. Finally I realize the perfect picture were at times – his fancies otherwise which I achieved.

So even people who aren’t achievers or perfectionists also contribute for your achievements of a perfect picture. Give an ear to everyone who can motivate you.

–  Sucheta Gour

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