Happy New Year – 2019

One more year passing by and looking forward for a new year again. We all had trials, success, errors, correction love, anger, fun, fears, celebrations and much more.

One view – Our life was the same it was previous year and it will be the same the following year. Nothing changes other than some more Hopes, Resolution and lots of celebrations.

Second view- I’m Wiser, Sweeter, Funnier, Confident, Mature….than what I was in the previous year. I’ve dealt life better and made advancement in the right direction of life towards Success and Contentment.

I’ve made better choice of Friends, nourished all the relations with Family and older Friends. I’ve spread and gathered loads of Laughter and Happiness. I’ve explored myself.

And the following year, I will continue to do all the above with more of rigour and passion…

I believe so and wish everyone to believe in it. WISHING YOU &YOUR FAMILY A WONDERFUL YEAR AHEAD!!!

-Sucheta Gour

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