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Just a scenario

What if some day humans would be interviewed by Robots? And Robots would be our Managers too?

The Robot would consolidate all the data of our performances, our engagement in job,our integrity from all the previous jobs and reject us even based on our thought process during the interview.

The Robots would expect our efforts to be equivalent to theirs; increasing our efficiency to the maximum possible levels.They would expect us to be 100% error free and productive.All our breaks and tricks of fooling the Employee engagement tools would be monitored rigorously.

Our work on system would be calculated based on our retina engagement and brain impulses tracking system.

Retrenchments would have loads of explanations minute wise deviations in the process, thoughts too.

All tech jobs would not require us to do support jobs like testing or repetitive activities but think permutations and combinations ahead of robots for creation of newer and better effective tech solutions.Most of the programs would be merged or adapted from ‘n’ number of other functions across the company or industry, auto run and analysed to yield best results.

All the process based sectors have already started facing challenges with automation. Further they would be managed with only few techies to configure these robots and Sr management to bring business.

Most of the Human Resource jobs would be auto run with auto program from the beginning till the end of an employee’s career in a company. There wouldn’t be any space left for managing egos or tantrums of the employees.We would be competing with robots hence can’t be carrying the slightest emotional set back.

All the strategical management jobs would show results of 1000 probabilities with all the scenarios-visualization which would help management decide upon the least risk and optimum output.

Business development jobs would be so specific on expectations.Our interactions, our locations with time duration would be auto recorded and saved for review discussions and we would be prompted on the behavior of the customer.

All the lower level jobs like Driving, Domestic help, Security, Facility Management jobs will be replaced.

Physical, Emotional and Mental health will be projected of the people to an extent of retiring or retrenching them before even they become a liability for the company.

The pareto principle would be rephrased as 800% of revenue is generated by 80% of the team.

We would be missing the most ruthless Human Managers too.The Human Managers would then be called Saviors.

-Sucheta Gour

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