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There are enough Preacher’s in the world, are there enough People who practice?



What happens to the preaching’s we hear? We also preach.

There are different types of Preacher’s in the world.

One type who feel I have the right to preach, because I am older than other Person

Second type who feel I preach, because I’ve failed. I got to give 10 suggestions and advice to people that my failure gets justified with someone’s success, which is the outcome of my preaching.

Third type I preach, because I want to Impress and make a point that I’m knowledge, and people will look up to me if I preach.

Fourth, I’m a follower of so many Gurus, whatever I hear from them I have to download to show my understanding of those preaching’s.

Fifth type, I’ve failed ‘n’ number of times, and finally successful, and I want others to find the same success with lesser attempts.

So a Person who is preaching post success and not post failure has the right to preach.



I believe every Person should practice at least 50% of the preaching’s they come across.

-Sucheta Gour

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