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Coordination – The biggest challenge in corporate. The reasons are many at times.

Ignorance – I didn’t know the process and culture here.

Why can’t it happen over a mail?

How can they miss to see the mail?

Why should I maintain a rapport with people, so that they prioritize me?

Why does it need a personal touch?

Laziness – Oh! I do not want to get him habituated to my follow ups. I can’t be doing this always.

Ego – Why should I initiate?

I work for the company not for him.

Why should I request?

I’m not asking for a personal favor?

Lack of smart work – It is so tedious process.

Lack of perseverance – I can’t be someone’s reminder box

I hate follow ups. I’m not hired to be following up rather I do it myself.

Non – Willingness to understand that your priorities are not others priorities too.

Timidness – They won’t like me if I follow up rigorously. I might make them angry and take up fight with others. I don’t know how better I can pursue.

Any company has a coordination and communication policy which the employee doesn’t know or doesn’t want to follow. But the resistance to process as well as attitude matters.


In any of the cases the organizations suffer.

With all the above reasons I wonder! Why didn’t we learn anything from our Parents?

We were their Children. They had all the right to get frustrated on us due to the follow ups we required from them 24×7 from eating to studying to sleeping to. They never sounded us their frustration or bring in the way their ego.

“We work for the company and not for any individual”.


If the individual is authorized to demand and is demanding for the company’s work, why should there be a resistance?

“Corporate doesn’t work like a family”



We spend 3/4th of the active hours of our life in the office. We work, we fight, we agree, we disagree. Our salaries are the main source of income for our lives.

Our identity and respect in the society is built over the fact that we are working for a particular organization. Why can’t we coordinate and communicate with our Colleagues, Counter – parts, Bosses in a better way for the growth of the company leaving our reasons aside.

-Sucheta Gour


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