Ambitious Boss – Real hard Nut to Crack… | Wise Quotes | Motivational Quotes

It’s very difficult to deal with ambitious People as Bosses. They never get tired, never low, never understand the existence of the word impossible.

They are hardly wrong and never have a bad day, make opportunity of disasters too and pursue with the assignments till they gain Success in one or the other way. They are motivated with Failures too.

If you don’t perceive their notions positively, you get into depression. You feel you are always wrong, always low, pessimistic and get into depression. Further, however good you are, you start carrying negativity about them and spread the same to justify your Stand.

People leave them because, they can’t catch pace with them. You should not compete with them though they throw 1000 challenges.

You should get along with them, and follow them to reach the Success faster.

You will require double the motivation when you follow such Bosses. Advantage is, you are bound to be successful following them. Disadvantage is, the journey is most adventurous and never ending.

-Sucheta Gour

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