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We have outsourced all our memory and thinking process to our mobiles and laptops/computers.

Reminders for – Birth – dates, Anniversary – dates important passwords, phone numbers, our work content, relative’s photos, our celebrations everything is stored on facebook, mobile calendars and laptops.

Earlier days Mapping and further Simulation was possible due to all the content on our brain which used to be our hard disk. We could think, relate, map and simulate due to the data on the brain. Huge machines were built with all the formulas, drawings and calculations happening on thousands of paper sheets. And everything could be rewritten or created because the brain could hold so much of information.

The optimum usage of brain sharpened it time and again. Actually studies say that our brain can hold one terabyte of data which is almost the entire internet. What an enormous waste and under-utilization of capacity.

With technology we are failing our capacities to think even on basic or constructive things. Only the people involved in niche technical jobs or most sensible are able to give some work to their brains. That is the reason why we try engaging ourselves in so much unwanted thoughts.

We have time to think unwanted, irrelevant things everyday and waste our time and energy. We are keen on making a Mountain out of a Molehill.

Our brains are rotting.

-Sucheta Gour

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