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Doing good – for Gratitude or Reward? | Motivational blog | Daily inspiring blogs

“We did so much of good and the other person didn’t carry gratitude”

These are our lines with lots of regret and disheartenment

Do we do good for people to carry gratitude for us?

Isn’t our account maintained by God?

Are people capable of reciprocating our good deeds or only God?

Anger and anguish will be there if you do good and are reciprocated with bad deliberately by people. Still there is someone out there who is watching.

When we do good to someone, there is a feeling of contentment and worthiness. The contentment is for boosting our spirit that we are good and capable to do good.

The worthiness is for the reason that God has created us and we have proved our worth to Him by making a difference to someone.

We ought to do good to keep our account intact with God. Nothing else matters.

-Sucheta Gour


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