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Background apps draining battery.

We work for 9 hrs a day. We complain we don’t have time.

Inspite of that we have time to know everything else that is happening in the office. Who had a fight with whom? Who is envious about whom? Who is hooked up with whom? Which team member is the Manager angry with?

Our general knowledge on un-useful unwanted things is so good.

We don’t remember project deadlines, we forget our client SPOC names, the deliverable to our stake holders, our manager’s guidelines.

We have keenest of the observation on everyone’s expression. We remember every statement made against us. We are capable of going through a reference to context statements on that.

We are capable of discussing hours on how our colleague got blasting showing him sympathy and joining him in bringing out his frustration for his manager. We do not have time to pre-anticipate the trouble and help the friend to save from the scenario or help him correct the mistake.

Justification is we need entertainment. But shouldn’t any entertainment serve the purpose of refresh button and help us bounce back to work with better focus and energy. Ideally yes. But it doesn’t.

Rather it takes us deeper into the unwanted stuff draining our battery with all these unwanted thought’s, and information occupying the most important, and valuable space of brain. If not for all this info on brain and time spent on these, our growth and knowledge would have doubled or tripled definitely.

-Sucheta Gour

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