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“Only rich can afford a hostel or the rich do not have time or bother to care for their children, so they outsource the activity of parenting”.

People might have developed different views on this concepts from defining class, status, prestige or whatever else to convince themselves on.

Where did this concept of sending children to Hostel come in from?
The Gurukul.

The kings could not be compared to anyone in richness. They could have afforded an army of maids or the best of the specialized teachers to care for their children. But they preferred to send them to these Gurukuls.

The Queens or Mothers of these Prince could dedicate all their time to bring up their Children who would be future Kings. But they preferred to keep their children away only for the reason that they should learn life, society from an undiscriminating and unbiased teacher and environment. Stand a fair competition, build the life skills to deal with any scenario, develop their decision making capacity, and people interaction skills.


The same trend continues today. You can’t buy education. You can’t swap your insensitive irresponsible, ignorant child with a sensible, sensitive, wise, responsible child. You might be filthy rich. But you can’t train your child in multi skills like formal education, music, sports, yoga, and reading — all with an intact schedule keeping him home


Secondly, sharing, caring, smartness analysis of people around, reciprocation to them, team work, and leadership can’t be taught with one or two children living together.

Again sending the child to hostel doesn’t guarantee your child’s success. The other factors also are important. But the same risk lies when you send him to any other school either.

-Sucheta Gour

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