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How much to spend on charity?

When we do charity we feel how much we are giving to someone. We never think that we are only sharing 2-10% of what we earn. We always worry about what is given than feel contented how much is left with us.

Suppose we earn 50000 INR and are doing a charity of 1000 INR per month. We will do a collective calculation for 12 months and will feel bad and be hesitant to be paying 12000.

We will never think that it makes a huge difference to the lives for people who are deprived of basics like food shelter or clothing. It turns out huge to us because it is our money is the justification. When we have to party or buy dresses for ourselves or travel, the same money seems like we deserve to be spent upon ourselves.

How much is enough when it comes to spending on ourselves?

And how much is considered more, when we have to spend on these deserving people?

As an ethical responsibility isn’t it our duty to be giving back to God by doing good to people around?

Do a calculation and get convinced on the ratios between our Need, Greed, Luxuries and a poor person’s need alone. Probably we might go through a paradigm shift.

Second thought we induce in ourselves is, which place is genuine to be doing charity. You never need an institution and a tax exemption certificate to do charity. You just got to find a needy, poor person and they are present in abundance in every city, many around us. We just need to drop our mask painted with will issues to help anyone.

-Sucheta Gour

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