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‘I don’t have a good team. My team members aren’t good’.

Often I’ve seen Managers looking for a perfect fit with the perfect amount of experience for their team.

Or Managers complaining

‘What am I supposed to do, if my team member isn’t working’ or

‘If I pressurize my team member they will run away’ or

‘The team doesn’t listen to me’ or

‘I need the designation to lead people’ or

‘Only my company is responsible for the team to deliver. The company should have a process to monitor, control and motivate people. I can only compile the data’.

Being a Manager is not a matter of designation or salary increase. It’s an evolution process from “Me to US”.

A transformation from “I will do” to “I will get it done”.

“I can do it the best way” to ‘I can assure of 100% quality in my team’s work’.

‘I am good’ to I am as good as my team is’.

‘I conveyed to my team to deliver’ to ‘I’m guiding and monitoring my team closely to deliver’

-Sucheta Gour

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