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Detox the brain freeing yourself from gadgets once a while.

No network?

Feel blessed.

Every 5 minutes, we need the mobile either for work or for social media or to make calls.


How obsessed are we getting with the mobiles?

Technology is creating addiction and dependency. Learn to leave the mobile and stay once a week for a day. Shut down the mobile and keep it away in the nights so that the electromagnetic radiation doesn’t harm you.


The extensive use of mobile has just begun in the last 3-4 yrs. The repercussions and negative impact with proof aren’t available immediately.

In days to come definitely they will show up and then we will start of paying 10 times, and start cleaning up our habits like how we eat salads, organic – spend on a gym, workouts by paying 10 times more.


Let us not wait for that day. Let us begin today. No doubt technology is an inevitable part of our life and so mobile too. But definitely, we can come to terms with it amicably if we want to.

-Sucheta Gour

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