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Your initial years of career decide your knowledge journey.

Those years give you your place on the knowledge meter.


Nowadays society values jobs with reputed organizations, pay checks, benefits, and infrastructure of the organizations you work in. Youngsters due to society and peer pressure are choosing pay check over knowledge. This pushes them into a system which soon finds their replacement with automation.


The difference between a process based job and a knowledge-based career isn’t known. This is the reason why people lose their jobs in the mid age. And keep figuring out the reason for being jobless. Or blame the Managers, System, Client, Company or Process to feel better. They fail to understand that the knowledge-based journey lasts long. And their own choices lead them there.

They were chasing a pay check when they had to learn. And now their lives are dwindling when they have to earn.


And to add on to it gone by are the days where companies spent enormously to up-skill their employees. Most of the training center’s of the best of the companies have already shut down or non- functional.

-Sucheta Gour by Sucheta Gour enlightens you with some of the Motivational Quotes and Inspirational Quotes for Job Seekers

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