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Striking the balance between being a Friend and Parent to your Child.

‘We are Parents. We only need to control our Children’


‘We got to be friends with our Children.’

Which of these statements are true?

Well, in today’s world both are equally important and true as well.


The traditional conventional parenting sounds so right any day. But today’s world brings in lot of threat to our Children. So much exposure due to media, mobile, entertainment mode-everything being so openly discussed amidst all. And above all justification to anything and everything just considering point of views and giving way to scenarios. Wrong and convenient notions to many inacceptable aspects. Justification for all kind of lies, all kinds of relation and all kind of actions are leaving the Children confused and hollow from within.


To have a transparency about your Child’s mind, you got to be his friend to know his confusions and give him the right thought process. Before he finds his friends to confide who are on the same note as his you should be his first preference to share all his thoughts.

But apparently it is also equally necessary to exercise your control on your Child. Give enough household chores to your Child from the time he starts his movement. Be unjustifiable at times. It’s ok to do so. Don’t give explanation for everything you ask from him. Else you give birth to insensitive Children. They relate one justification to an other convenience of theirs and demand things from you.

Shift duties between each parent to exercise control on the Child.

Say ‘NO’ to your Child for most of the things which aren’t essential.

Your Child should have the best.

Definitely yes. Makes sense.

But best of what?

Best of the education, best of the books, best of the habits, best of the culture. Fairly good clothes and footwear. Not the best of the mobile, watch, shoes, dresses. These do not constitute for his need. And don’t develop his greed and taking you for granted to an extent that you become their last priority.

He can’t be your friend to command and demand things from you or treat you inferior. His superiority is because of you slogging, compromising and too much of unwanted importance given to him.


Teach him to value your money.

And above all teach him to value you.

Show him people who do not have Parents. Let him interact with such Children once a while.

Keep him away from you atleast for 2 years during his growing years. He needs to know the difference between life with you and without you.

Interact more with him than watching TV with him or communicating less with him.

Communication in the right way is one of the essential aspect of any relation.

We might be less multidimensional, technology savy and shrude compared to our Children. But we will still be there Parents.

Else we are responsible for a generation high on wrong attitude, wrongly tactful, spendthrift, disrespectful Children if no control exercised.

-Sucheta Gour

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