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Two scenarios – Unemployment or dearth of Candidates?

Unemployment with majority of the Engineering graduates after having spent a bomb on their education and Company’s struggle to get right candidates

India doesn’t have jobs or India doesn’t have the right candidates to fill ‘n’ number of positions open?


Most of the times our discussions are one sided considering only the challenges of companies or colleges/ candidates or further advance the discussion with the gap in education system or rejection in campus or market being non favorable to hire or untrainable candidatures due to communication skills or fundamentals of engineering or aptitude.

Gaps are both ways and directly/ indirectly proportional to many aspects.
There are colleges with good faculty but Students feel colleges are meant for fun, the last phase, stress free, uncontrolled enjoyment in life on parent’s money. And if the faculties aren’t good, the damage is bigger.

Capability to pay fees is the only criteria to get an admission and not the aptitude of the candidate.


No one is bothered about a Student’s capabilities who gets enrolled for MBBS, takes a decade to clear his degree and plays with people’s lives.Because the Patient doesn’t verify the degree certificates of the Doctor. And such a Doctor isn’t guilty of his trial with patient’s lives. Neither is an Engineer guilty of his 20 backlogs and his lack of focus during his education because he goes without punishment through some reference in an MNC and is fine to contribute to the company’s non-performance.

To reciprocate this system, a chain reaction is developed by the corporate-they want candidates, but on a ‘plug and perform’ mode. Best of the companies are not keen on training Students after having burnt their hands on the investments they made on the Students for skill development. Adding to it, Managers want ready candidates with less pain to train them.


The gaps are, there are no employment governing rules to see to that the trained candidate who has been invested upon yields for the company he has been trained by. Skill development gap becomes a burden on the P & L sheet of any company.

And the Students aren’t penalised when they take more than required attempts to clear their backlogs or deadline to complete their degree which gives the Student a leeway to take his own sweet time.Only penalty is fees which is borne by the parent.

We all know if not for exams no Student would study.So more such checks and balances are required to figure out processes that motivate companies to train Students or Employees with a minimum employment of four years in any company for a fresh Student and 3 years for a mid-level experienced candidate to understand a complete project or product life cycle.This would develop the skills of junior and mid-level employees.
And with rigid terms of education like minimum aptitude for the professional courses on a non-biased mode and a cut-off in the percentage to admit to every next year to bring in seriousness for the Student to take his studies seriously.

At the corporate level evaluation of the trainers or Managers at regular intervals for updating skills of their teams and the % of the employees progressed has to be made mandatory. When rigid employment rules in place for minimum engagement commitment from an employee, even Managers are motivated to train. Else they also have the same reservations of why waste time and energy.

-Sucheta Gour

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