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We are the biggest burden for ourselves.
We are getting habitual about cribbing on anything and everything. We speak about even essential daily chores as if we are doing a favor on ourselves.

For instance we say, “Oh! I’ve to drive and reach home.”

What is the other way?

Did we used to fly earlier or are we going to fly in future.


“Oh no! I’ve to order food or grocery.”

Fine. Do you prefer to live only by breathing in air?

Atleast this minimal effort is required to be alive, that you atleast order food to eat.


“I’ve to travel overnight to reach home.”

Seriously? Aren’t you happy to go home?

Wouldn’t you do anything to go home?


“I have to change my dress it’s so boring after a long day.”

Get a 24 hours armour stitched so that you save yourself from this trouble of changing dress every time.


“I’ve to take my family out for dinner this week.”

Wouldn’t you wait the whole week to be with your family?


We are so impatient and so lifeless. We complain and want to go home while in office. We want to complain about our spouse and children. When at home we want to complain about whatever is not to perfection at home.

We do everything complaining about something or the other. Luckily we aren’t complaining that we got to inhale and exhale. Definitely some amount of complaining brings out tour frustration. But should it be to this extent.

We are just a complaint box.

We never do anything with enthusiasm and positivity. So this leads to negativity creating a burdensome life. We only look for perfection. And the definition of perfection is nothing but doing practically nothing and still being happy.

-Sucheta Gour

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