Top 10 motivational Quotes and Sayings Couple Entrepreneurs – Heart and Brain

When a couple entrepreneurs run a company – husband and wife are like the heart and brain of the business.

They have to work in synchronization though there are many instances where the opinions differ.


In few of the instances heart is given importance and few more brain is.

The way both these organs are essential for the survival of a human body, both contribute equally, a similar scenario lies on the other front too.

inspirational-quotesThe heart might sound idiotic or illogical or overtly optimistic, the brain might sound too practical, too strategical or overcautious. But both are required to level out things in life.

There isn’t a competition possible between them. And only one of them can win and the same won’t win always. The other has acceptance of losing. There can’t be a pride of having won. There can’t be a grudge on the other. They can’t look down upon each other for any reason.


The common goal of the heart and brain will be the body to win. The body carries the identity of heart and brain like how a company carries the identity of the entrepreneur. Anyone carrying lesser strength doesn’t mean he is going to be redundant or eliminatable.

The rules are so clear and well defined.

-Sucheta Gour

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