Top 10 Quotes to be a Perfect Parents | Criteria and Eligibility

Is the attaining of an age criteria for owning things or they need to be earned and you ought to deserve it?


I see a 5th standard boy demanding for a bicycle, a 7th standard child asking for a playstation or monthly pocket money, a 9th standard adolescent asking for an iPhone, a 12th standard boy asking for a bike.


And why do they feel they need them?

Just because they are of the age, it is a need and all their friends have it.

Now if we give a justification that we didn’t had these luxuries it doesn’t justify as it reflects many of today’s basic necessities which were at our times super dooper luxuries.


But if we have to give them any of these, do they deserve them, have they played their part to earn them from us or do they intend to use any of them for their growth or better living?

Let us analyse better. Our analysis and control creates a sense of responsibility and also pushes the child to put in his genuine efforts to make himself worthy for gaining things and just not put a demand for the sake of it.

-Sucheta Gour

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