100 Best Job Quotes to make your Monday Motivational | Quotes for Job Seekers

Everyone awaits a weekend and behave as if they live only for those two days. That shows how much people have started liking to run away from their responsibilities, and find their responsibilities to be burdensome. They feel they have fought battles in those five days and deserve a celebration on the weekend. Work has turned out to be stressful not because it has turned out to be stressful but we have converted it to be so.

Man has worked towards earning his food right from the beginning of his evolution and he did strive to earn it the hardest way earlier and a comfortable way now. Only difference is he was less wiser, analytical, farsighted and non-complaining or comparing then.

Life doesn’t lie in celebration alone; life lies in contentment in everything we do. When life itself cannot be a program written and configured to perfection, neither can be our job, our Manager, our Company or our Colleagues. The way we are required to accept life with its non-negotiable terms but still with lots of enthusiasm, hope, smile and never ending efforts of making it better.

 Let us also approach our job, our duty, our responsibility , our reason for respect in the society, our only source of making our present, our future, our children’s life better with lots of positive efforts, solutions, and enthusiasm.

Let us look forward for Mondays too with same enthusiasm as we look forward for Friday evenings. Let us face it with due respect to our role.

-Sucheta Gour

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