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I might not have obeyed my parents when they instructed me, but I will preach the same to my child which I heard from my parents when I was young. That explains that wisdom dawned on me late, but when advised during my immature stages, I preferred to be unreasonable, adamant and revolutionary towards the advises and guidance I received.


I failed to have the courtesy to accept the guidance which was to make a better me. I wanted demonstrations at the cost of doing trial with my own life. And thereon when I realize my mistakes I took the same course of action my parents did-advising my child.


So, my TAT to self-realization was almost 20 years – from my adolescence to my child’s adolescence. But again i didn’t wanted to be humble or guilty because of my ignorance and wrong attitude during my time at the receiving end.


Now that my child is in my shoes and I in my parents’ I’m convinced of the fact that what goes around comes around too. Isn’t it better to correct ourselves in time than correct our children after having had the demos in our life.

-Sucheta Gour

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