Best Quotes on Career, Achievements, Goal

The greatest self motivated people are those who do not get to hear the noise of appreciation after having the mess set right and job done to perfection.

Their goal is the result and they arent bothered whether they are appreciated or forgotten.

They achieve mastery in everything they do due to hands on experience and secondly grow wiser with every instance.Only 10% of the crowd are such.

Rest are those, who will be the first in the queue to receive appreciation. Their efforts are more to be visible and receive appreciation, than to get the results of the job, or the process of hardship to get the work done.

They are more busy in identifying the people ,who can do the job for them, so that they can take the credit for the same.

But eventually thei career advancement gets hindered after certain point as they are not hands on with the process.

-Sucheta Gour

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