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We need to teach youth to understand the real hard facts of life, the naked truth as it is known and accept them instead of waiting for a fancy pictured life to come true.

What we say are conceived by the younger generation in a complete wrong way. Our momentary frustration are better impacting them to take shortcuts or carry false ego or leaning more towards luxury. So watch out when you show them up.


We the older generation look back in our last years of life and say we should have enjoyed life more or given more time to family or self or better health. Suddenly the realization vanishes that everything you achieved has come with a price tag of your sacrifices.

Do we regret our successes?

What are we trying to say?

We could have reached here without the required amount of sacrifice or focusing on all the things or sailing in too many boats.

Secondly, we carry attitude, don’t compromise on what you are, and try to change just because people are building opinions about you.


Agreed. So does it mean, be the personality you are and don’t improvise or change for good?

You will get what you deserve when time comes, do not get desperate and chase. Someone is successful at the age of 28 and someone else at 18. So wait for your turn with this justification compromising on your efforts big way and not carrying the fire in your belly.


We need to teach our children the difference between stress and pursuing with efforts to reach somewhere better.

-Sucheta Gour

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