Top 10 Positive Quotes to reach Success

Half of the milestones are delayed because we don’t give way to learn, change and apply. We have 100 questions to ask verify for the most fundamental activity too, just to feel satisfied for the wisdom we carry. And finally we chose the easiest options of all.

And in addition we put forth an argument as to why any assignment given shouldn’t be done and what are the challenges. Rather, Why not look into all possibilities and the wisdom it adds to us?

An approach, so negative we have developed towards life and everything we come across wherein we have an ocean of reasons and a drop of solution which we still are hesitant to apply. Ratio of negativity is to positivity is somewhere like 1000: 1.

Irony is, we feel life, job, career everything will be sorted with this 1% of positivity.

-Sucheta Gour

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