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Being alcoholic or smoking in social gathering elevates your social status. There are infinite justifications as to why one should drink or smoke.


Drinking or smoking……

Is a fashion today?

Is fun.

Is belonging to your peer group.

Will maintain your body temperature in different seasons.

For few women it is bringing themselves on equal footing with men.

Knowing about different brands, combinations, age-wise likes and dislikes is known to be the most superior level of knowledge anyone can carry to contribute to the major topic for a discussion in a party or get together

Non-drinkers are out-dated or are the odd one out.


Definitely everyone have their inclinations, point of views on every aspect. But just because you are a teetotaler doesn’t make you less intelligent or out-caste or out- dated or you enjoy life lesser than people with such liking’s.

Proud to have friends valuing teetotalers like us.

-Sucheta Gour

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