Top quotes on Leadership

The corporate scenario will change when, Leaders realise that with designation and authority comes…. Responsibility to own up the role to deliver,
Lead by example

Stretching outside the comfort zone to achieve the targets
Ability to create positivity in people they lead at any cost,
Guiding the team to rightly explore their potentials

Better visibilty of problem and solution finding,
Succesful implememtation of the solution,
End to end deliverables,
Seeing problems as challenges and not as a dead end.
Proactiveness to take up challenges

Whereas leaders carry wrong notions about leadership like

Leadership is all  about salary increase or
Bigger ego to carry in the name of attitude,
Authority to exempt themselves from all the rules,

Better reasoning for not reaching targets,
Better story telling,
Better blame game
Not recording of the path walked by and thereafter leading to poor analysis
Demotivation with the planning or re- planning
Strategies without a blue print
Lack of sustainability towards actions.

-Sucheta Gour

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