Top 10 Life Sayings and Quotes about Prayers

I have heard all my childhood at home and in our school time moral science book that when you pray for others it is the most selfless and humble act of a human being.

When you pray for others, return back to you as others’ prayers or blessings for you. To pray for someone or to bless someone is the easiest thing. You just got to have a clean heart and a sincere wish and few words.

You can pray for a poor person you come across.

You can pray for the person in the ambulance passing by.

You can pray for an old person struggling with age and illness.

You can pray for a malnourished child in poverty.

You can pray for the victims of all the mis-happenings or nature’s cruelty.

And all this costs us practically nothing other than an intend and a habit to pray and wish for people. You never know which prayer or wish gets stronger enough to be heard. It might help a most needed person.

We are so busy praying for self that all our life falls short for few prayers for others.

What a selfish soul we are…

-Sucheta Gour

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