Top 20 Best Quotes to achieve best things in your Life

We always wish for more than what we can hold but, why don’t we work more, to hold what we can wish?

We want promotions, better salaries, we want to get married and have children, go onsite to other countries or want a car, a house and many more. All these are our wishes. But to get promotions and lead people, are we willing to take the accountability for others job? i.e., our team.

To get paid better, are we willing to work more, take risk, and be proactive to deliver more than what client wants?

To get married and have children, are we capable and matured enough to care and understand another person?

Understand and deliver the responsibilities of a parent, led by example and give our children a justifying life?

Going onsite and deliver more than company’s expectation compromising on your time with your family and staying away from them.  A car, a house – can we work consistently to maintain our lifestyle and give our children the same too….

The answers and the actions required can be only from us. So, answer to yourself. Are you willing to change to match the requirement?

-Sucheta Gour

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