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What is protesting?

How to protest and why to protest?


Is Protesting fashion or heroism or attention seeking or portraying strength or despising upon others?

What is the definition?

A protest shows that you are unhappy with some injustice done to your fellowmen, a community or class or group of society. It is to show your pain, concern towards self or your fellowmen, to propagate brotherhood and to demand justice or change.

Should such a humble cause be at the cost of ruining assets of the society or people or government or harming your fellowmen who are also a victim of such an injustice you want to fight for?

An innovative way of protesting is required in a democratic country like India, where, we can voice whatever we feel is injustice without harm.


It should aim only at showing concern but in an amplified way. Anger or dissatisfaction shown in a matured way. There was an instance in japan where the labourers in a shoe factory manufactured only one shoe of one leg. Neither did they stop work nor caused harm to people. So, when the management agreed to their demands they manufactured the other one which didn’t cause losses to the company either.

Adding to the above protest should also be along with possible logical and strategical solutions to resolve the problem and not just saying ‘NO’ to something.

-Sucheta Gour

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