Motivational Quotes for Kids

Sympathy…..used so wrongly to bring down people than to make them strong.
Can we sympathize our child for the hard work he puts into by going to school,participating in Sports and other co curricular activities.

Why do we raise the bar for them?

Motivate them always to get better inspite of they being good in all of them. That’s only because we know world out there will throw competition at every step in life to him and he needs to win his own battles. Can we say a good to our child every day or every hour.

Why do we want him to be grounded?

Because we don’t want him to develop overconfidence, feel saturated and stop raising his bar to reach higher.

Such a contradictory notion when it comes to we adults.
We want a pat on our back for every slightest success or completion of an assignment.

Did we glorify our child every day when he completed his homework? NO.

We only patted his back when the results came. So, not the efforts but the results also were equally important. But we want sympathy and glorification for every act we do. We call it motivation. Agreed.
But the question is with age,

Did we grow wiser to understand our capabilities, stronger to take criticism when wrong – in the right sense, tactfulness and commitment to convert our weakness to our strength ? Or

Did we grow timid with age, emotionally and intellectually weaker to build limitations around ourselves, Expect a glorification and appreciation on every day basis, Immaturity to handle our demotivations?

So finally, should we be appreciated, glorified or sympathized for doing every day activities of going to office, delivering the expectations and contributing towards the growth of the organization which in turn would lead to our growth, comfortable life, respectful status in the society?

-Sucheta Gour

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