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Every responsible Leader/Manager today in any company is more worried or stressed about the fact that he is not able to cascade the importance and urgency of a project deadline downwards making people own and perform. And classic situations are when Senior Management expects employees to
• Have an adrenaline rush to stand up and own their job.
• Deliver company’s committment to all the stake holders.
• Do justice to all the money they have earned in the company’s ‘not so pressurizing employee good times’.

Rather many of them around tends to portray themselves as
• Not having common sense.
• Born yesterday with an IQ level and responsibility of a child.
• Suffering from alzhemeir’s disease with less or no memory.
• Keeping one leg outside the company always during such situations.
• Not willing to compromise on any of their luxuries.
• Creating problems or blowing up small problems and solving them to portray self as a hero than solving the existing problems.
• Expecting appreciations for even routine responsibilities.
• Unwilling to move even an inch without huge force or moving a milimeter after applying the highest level of force.

-Sucheta Gour

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