Motivational Quotes for your Boring Life | Tips to enjoy life

You need not wait or earn big money or go to the costliest destination or wait for a week off to enjoy .

Life can be enjoyed wherever you are. You just need to have the will to enjoy and a child’s heart.

Enjoyment or entertaining yourself can be about having seen something wonderful on the way back home from work or having come across a different person with a contented expression, a bird hopping road side, child playing at the signal unaware of life’s challenges, a woman bargaining with road side vendor, a fat person struggling with his big belly, a thin person trying to hold himself tight not to fly away with the wind, flower or leaf blowing with the breeze, trees and branches swaying to the music of the wind, a dog wagging its tail for food, birds going back home in a seguence flapping their wings, cab driver trying to entertain you with his endless talk for a five star rating. Sales boy trying to sell anything or everything to you. People arguing in traffic.You had a new dish,a nice meal, your spouse looking beautiful, your child is behaving funny, wise, some one is arguing illogically. You see people sunk into the mobile watching serials or playing same installed games 100 times. A person trying to behave older than his age.( younger still makes sense).

So much to enjoy and be entertained about. You yourself could be equally entertaining under any circumstances.

Do you still feel that life is boring or enjoyment is difficult?

-Sucheta Gour

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