Life Quotes | Inspirational Quotes about perfect life style

So many notions to your lifestyle.Which one is correct?

When you are famous, successful and still prefer to stay in a small house, own a commoner car, and wear non branded clothes, it is highest degree of humbleness. When you are not famous, successful and still prefer to do all the above though you might be able to afford, it means you don’t have class.

When you are moderately famous and successful, you can afford a moderately classy life style, it is called doing show off, carrying attitude.

When you are famous ,successful and living a very high class lifestyle, it is a style statement or the other way round extremely that you are wasting money which could have been of help to people otherwise.

All that finally matters is ‘How much we give in charity ?

and How much we utilize on self ?

If there is a balance striking well, we are on the right track.

-Sucheta Gour

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