Motivational Quotes for Crime against Women

Injustice towards women has been an age old story. Women weren’t safe and happy even in the past. The difference is there was no media and technology to expose and circulate the information so fast and in a massive way.


Secondly very few women stood for themselves or for an other women so strongly, to join the voice against all the brutality they tolerated.

The change will begin when women in authoritative positions will support this movement with right and rigorous actions on time. Additionally the protest to tolerance and pursuance to making strict laws is the only way to compel law makers to induce faster justice in the system.


No more is a scenario where we can sit back assuming we or our daughters, mothers or sisters wont face it.

Only rigorous law enforcement in a defined,systematic,standardized way can create fear in the minds of such sinners and change the future of women.

-Sucheta Gour

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