Society will undergo a cascading effect of the COVID-19 & our culture is more of ‘Earn and Spend’ or ‘Avail loan and Spend’

We all are witnessing a house set on fire. We are not able to analyse or calculate the damage as it is still burning. After the fire is extinguished is when we will be able to calculate the damage and plan to rebuild it.

Society will undergo a cascading effect of the COVID 19
to Economic Slowdown
to Recession
to Financial Stress
to Emotional Stress
to Physical Stress
to Sustainability. This is the time to demonstrate the survival of the fittest.
People in the bigger cities will be hit the most because our culture is more of ‘Earn and Spend’ or ‘Avail loan and Spend’. Two-tier cities or Villages will still have better stability for the reason that their logic is ‘Earn and Save’.

Our lives have turned out to be like playing Snake and Ladder. We feel we have reached somewhere higher and safer place. And suddenly an unknown long snake is waiting for us to bite us and send us behind/down to start again. COVID 19 has put us on this Snake and Ladder Board. All we got to do is stay where you are with conviction to move ahead with hard work and commitment.

According to the Theory of Evolution, only the fittest will survive i.e. by natural selection and will be adaptable based on the climate, geography, or culture leading to the origin of different species. Similarly, now there is one more round of evolution in so many aspects like evolution in emotional thinking, in skill, in planning, in spending approach, earning approach, understanding, and defining our needs.

Hope we have our lessons now with a demonstration, never to forget.

-Sucheta Gour

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