Employment trends in the future

Employment trends in the future
2008 recession gifted the words ‘lay off‘ and ‘automation
2019 pandemic has gifted the words ‘ ‘furloughs’ and ‘pay-cut’.
During all these scenarios, employees have to empower themselves to survive, sustain, and grow. Uncertainties are obvious in spite of belonging to any Organization. Why not design our challenges and make the most of it?

Employment trends in India are undergoing a transformation with every disaster. With the compulsion of work from home model, better monitoring and measuring tools will be adopted and implemented in every organization.

Future trends of employment will be

  1. Engagement of resources on the consulting basis – Project-specific, Assignment specific, Location-specific, or tenure specific.
  2. Compensation will be prefixed before the completion of the activity and not for continuous employment.
  3. The competition will be cut-throat.
    Instance –
    • Engaging a resource to complete 300 drawings by draftsman or designers
    • Engaging a designer to design a component in a specified time and compensating in accordance
    • Validation of data by experienced resource within a fixed timeline
  4. Employees can convert themselves as freelancers and deliver the expectation of the company tenure basis, or at regular intervals monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  5. Employees can propose guaranteed deliverables as a consultant and earn double the wages in a short span.


Employer –
• Cost-effective in terms of overheads for Full-time employment, Infrastructure cost, Performance management, Employee Engagement, Accountability, Delivery guarantee.
• Cost reduction on the support team to manage a huge Employee base.
• Elimination of cost on training and development.

Employee :
• Can work at their will and at their convenience,
• More time with family,
• Earning dependant and directly proportional to their willingness to expand their bandwidth and updating of their knowledge.
• No cap on their earning limit.
• No being exhausted in long travel hours.
• No Managers to meddle with career growth or
• No involvement in office politics.

More details on adapting and proposing your worth to Companies as an employee

-Sucheta Gour

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