India is suffering from a disease called ‘Democracy’.

India is suffering from a disease called ‘Democracy’.

Everyone can’t be Speakers. Listeners are required. Because listeners are the Doers. And doers are the changemakers.

So democracy or dictatorship?

India has a better chance to grab business opportunities from other Countries as an alternative to China. Since China has created a paranoia with minimal justification, the forecast is many countries depending on China for their’ manufacturing support will move to India. The other option the world has is Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

India might seem a lucrative option compared to any other country to the Investors. We might win the competition over any other country due to the statistics our country shows – 130 cr population, 68 million graduates, 43% of the total population in the age group of 18 to 44 yrs ( the highly productive phase of the age) and nearly 10 % more in the age group of 44 to 54 yrs (still the employable group) keeping the average age of an Indian to 29 years according to 2011 census, (rightly called – Young India), which has grown proportionately now, 7th largest country in the world, ranking 4th in the world in natural resources. What else? But, how will we sustain?

How are we required to accommodate these countries and the business opportunity? Are we prepared to accommodate them?
What is the transformation we need to undergo?

A country with a mindset of the population – ‘Degree is the criteria for getting a job’.
Companies are always on the hunt for good resources. Projects are delayed and the industry is suffering due to the unavailability of the right resources and attrition. Here we have headlines stating unemployment as a burning issue. Resource availability, Skill issue or will issue? What is the underlying truth?

Designations are more attractive than the quest for knowledge and zeal to deliver.
Resource approach: Everybody wants to be a Manager, dictate terms, enjoy the luxury of the authority and higher pay package, not understanding their contribution to the system from their current role.

The way we revolt….
We have a voice, so we will voice out everything coming to our mind through revolution, strike, or with the support of media. Everyone’s pain needs attention by blowing it out of proportion. Resolution isn’t the only aim, noise is also the aim. ‘You need to stand for yourself, no matter what’. But the way we do it is so ridiculous. We revolt in a way that yields to our own long term damages. Our revolts are such where the damages caused can never be reversed or if they can be, it takes years and decades.

No one wants to follow the right leader. Everyone wants to be one or follow a leader with destructive ideologies than constructive ones. There are very fewer leaders – wise and selfless. Else most of them are keen on making a statement irrespective of the chaos the statements may create. Leaders need to be orators only or strategic thinkers?

Most of them think adversely or momentarily than aligning to the logic of Country and Community’s benefit. Too much wisdom about unnecessary and nonproductive things exhausting the bandwidth and delaying the growth of the country. Personal and individual gains are a priority compared to community gains.

Lawmaking and law-abiding process are supposed to belong to only a set of people. The rest of the majority are only commentators. They can debate for days and months to prove, the law or the rule as wrong. Implementations are delayed due to such approaches.
The outcome of such a rule also cant be measured due to the nonavailability of the data caused by delay in implementation. And by the time data is available, the purpose is already diluted and turned unsuccessful too.

Hard work is defined by everyone as a number of hours involved, then the quality and amount of work completed. The management of resources is on extreme sides at both ends. Either the management is too ruthless or the workers are too dominating, lazy, and take advantage. Laws do not give an upper hand of control to the victim in any case either, in a defined time period.

Industry suffers from attrition, underperformance, lack of accountability, and ownership in the deliverables. No yardstick to measure and record workers’ performance or integrity.
No common forum by Govt or a central body to define the benchmark and SOP of any technical, non-technical activity.

Industry is slowly resorting to not making efforts in the development of the employee by means of training or any other investment on employee’s development. The reason is eventually the investment is a loss when the employee attrites without adding value to the organization.

The government’s changing decision and processes with every new party who replace the earlier. Every Govt coming to power within 1,2 3 or 5 yrs at the state level have different agendas. These leaders push behind the running projects to backstage creating fear for the MNC’s by keeping their projects on the status quo for longer duration delaying their ROI schedules. Time overrun takes the project cost higher. No checks and sealing mechanism of projects to secure the investment and complete project on time irrespective of which Govt is in power.

The Grants, licenses, and documentation being time-consuming and complicated because of people’s noncooperative approach, is another roadblock. Superficially every process like ‘one window support’ is written and published. But ground realities vary drastically.

A platform needs to be developed which will give control to the Govt than the Employees. Better rules are developed for Corporate Governance. On the other hand develop an attrition control method, i.e., compulsorily fixed tenure for an employee in each organization, automated evaluation mechanism to measure employee performance giving the Employer better confidence to develop the Resource. Save time and money of the Industry, lost in all this transition of resources leading the completion of assignments or projects without hassles.

Our Country’s financial strength is visible in times of pandemic, recession, or any other natural disasters. Our turnaround-time to come back to normalcy will portray the strength of our Economy. We ought to redefine the meaning of ‘democracy’ in India to reduce the impact of such a scenario benefiting every single person in this country.

-Sucheta Gour

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